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  • Discover the band social project!

    One of our business goals is to empower women through education and economic growth, because we are conscious that helping women especially in Africa is equivalent to helping a community. In this way, we will allocate 10 dollars to every sold item in our shop to support a project in Senegal, our business home. Please help us achieve these goals. Here we are at milestone 0. We have putted together a list of projects we will be executing: Provide scholarships to girls in middle school, high school and college. Because a key barrier to women education in Senegal is financial means to pay school fees. ; Provide school supplies to girls at school. Because we are also conscious that school supplies are lacking for many students especially in the rural area ; Provide funding, equipments or training to women in need to start or support their small businesses ; Provide means of transportation to girls to go to school ; Helping pertinent organizations advocating for women’s rights ; Helping pertinent organizations empowering women. More projects will be added along the way. For each project we will evaluate the beneficiaries in the most transparent way, we will also provide all the details along the way. Our business being also a women’s business, we will optimize the number of women who will be working in our organization and involve as much as we can women in the leather artisan sector and more specifically in our production team.

  • CANNY Leather Brand presentation

    In this video, we are presenting you the fashion brand CANNY as well as our new journey. CANNY is a leathergood brand created in Senegal (West Africa) to empower lives of women. We conceive leather articles (handbags, wallets...) dedicated to women, associated to a social project which you will descover the aims in the video and through our website. Please join our community today. Discover our website and new collection : #SavoirFaire #Craftsmanship #Atelier #Fashion #luxury#handbags#leatherhandbag#africanfashion#madeinafrica

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  • CANNY- Leather Bags and Accessories from Senegal West Africa - Leather Goods Store

    USD ($) The Malleable Elegance Collection SHOP NOW NILANE MOSSANE New Arrival Fahane SHOP NOW New Arrivals Hoyane Camel Edition Price $150.00 Hoyane Black Edition Price $150.00 Fahane Blush Edition Price $350.00 Fahane Black Edition Price $350.00 Nilane Black Edition Price $350.00 Nilane Camel Edition Price $350.00 on Instagram

  • About Us | CANNY | Senegal

    ABOUT US Brand Narrative CANNY is a brand emphasizing true craftsmanship and love for the product with high standard for quality and extraordinary comfort. The brand narrative has a goal of alluding the modern woman to fall in love with herself first, and to truly unravel the extraordinary potential she holds. The Brand is a true testament of self-mastery: mastering the craft of creation, with one main aim in mind: the Idealization of the having a beautiful handbag, that hold highest quality of craftsmanship and sustainable foundation. CANNY's brand DNA is luxury in all details, for a accessory that’s more than just a staple – but a true lifelong companion. SHOP NOW Brand DNA At the essence of our luxury handcrafted brand is a commitment to timeless elegance and the authenticity of pure forms. We at CANNY believe that fashion is an extension of one's identity, and we strive to bring forth designs that embody both culture and individuality. Our brand DNA is rooted in the perfect knowledge and mastery of leather's malleability and natural movement, which is evident in the signature curves and folds of our designs. Each collection features unique leather pieces that are meticulously crafted by our team of designers and technicians, who work closely to develop bespoke pieces for our discerning clients. We believe that true luxury lies in the attention to detail, and that is why we entrust the manufacturing of our leather creations to the skilled artisan craftsmen of Dakar, a town renowned for its expertise in luxury leather goods production. At CANNY, we aim to inspire and empower our clients to express their individuality through our bold colors, patterns, and designs, so they can make a statement to the world about who they truly are. At CANNY our mission is to create a luxurious and psychologically safe environment where women feel worthy of love and confident in achieving their wildest dreams, despite any naysayers. We prioritize our culture and sorority, embodying grace, compassion, and kindness every step of the way. As we curate this experience, we understand that the character of leather is an essential element in bringing our designers' creations to life and showcasing the work of our skilled artisans. We believe in the sensuality of leather, experienced through its supple texture and sublime surface. SHOP NOW

  • Contact | CANNY fashion

    Anything else on your mind? Thanks for submitting! SUBMIT Contact Details WhatsApp No: + (221) 77 498 85 63 Social Media

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