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Social Project Strategy

One of our business goals is to empower women through education and economic growth, because we are conscious that helping women especially in Africa is equivalent to helping a community. In this way, we will allocate 10 dollars to every sold item in our shop to support a project in Senegal, our business home. Please help us achieve these goals.

Here we are at milestone 0

More projects will be added along the way. For each project we will evaluate the beneficiaries in the most transparent way, we will also provide all the details along the way. Our business being also a women’s business, we will optimize the number of women who will be working in our organization and involve as much as we can women in the leather artisan sector and more specifically in our production team. Join us in this fun and social journey, as we are also open to any suggestion. Our overall goal of the year is to positively impact at least 50 girls/women in the Senegalese region.

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